How Are Breaths Delivered Using a Bag Mask Device?

Bag mask ventilation, also known as BMV or bagging, is a method used to deliver breaths to a patient who is not breathing adequately on their own. This technique is commonly used in emergency situations and during resuscitation efforts. The bag mask device is a handheld apparatus that provides a means to deliver air to the lungs by manually compressing a bag attached to a mask that is placed over the patient’s face.

How Are Breaths Delivered Using a Bag Mask Device?
How Are Breaths Delivered Using a Bag Mask Device?

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use a bag mask device for delivering breaths:

1) Position the patient:

Before beginning the process, ensure the patient is lying flat on their back on a firm surface, preferably on a backboard. The patient’s head should be tilted back and their chin lifted upward to open the airway.

2) Choose the right size:

The mask size should be appropriate for the patient. It should fit snugly over the nose and mouth, ensuring an adequate seal.

3) Create a seal:

Use one hand to hold the mask over the patient’s face while using the other hand to squeeze the bag to deliver breaths. It is essential to ensure that there is a tight seal between the mask and the patient’s face to prevent air from leaking out.

4) Squeeze the bag:

Use the palm of your hand to squeeze the bag with a downward motion, and then release it to allow the bag to refill with air.

5) Observe chest rise:

Watch the patient’s chest for visible signs of expansion during ventilation. Ensure that the chest rises and falls with each breath delivered to ensure proper oxygenation.

6) Adjust rate and volume:

The rate and volume of breaths delivered will vary based on the patient’s condition. However, it is important to ensure that the breaths delivered are not too forceful, which can lead to injury.

7) Monitor the patient’s condition:

Monitor the patient’s breathing and vital signs throughout the process. If there are any signs of distress or deterioration, immediately stop the procedure and seek medical assistance.

In conclusion, using a bag mask device is a critical skill in emergency situations and resuscitation efforts. By following the above steps, healthcare providers can deliver breaths effectively and ensure that the patient is receiving the necessary oxygenation.

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