How Many Games Are in the MLB Season? Understanding the Structure of Professional Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization that is comprised of teams from the United States and Canada. The MLB season is a long and grueling one, lasting from early spring to late fall. One of the most common questions that baseball fans ask is how many games are in the MLB season. In this article, we will provide an overview of the number of games in the MLB season and how the season is structured.

How Many Games Are in the MLB Season?
How Many Games Are in the MLB Season?

Number of Games in the MLB Season

The number of games in the MLB season has varied throughout the years, but as of 2021, each team plays a total of 162 games during the regular season. This is up from the 154 games that were played prior to the expansion of the league in the 1960s. These 162 games are played over the course of approximately six months, starting in early April and ending in late September.

The MLB season is divided into two parts: the regular season and the postseason. During the regular season, each team plays a total of 162 games, with 81 of those games being played at home and 81 on the road. This means that each team plays 19 games against each of their divisional rivals (a total of 76 games) and six or seven games against each team in the other two divisions within their league (a total of 66 games). In addition, teams may also play a few games against teams from the opposite league, known as interleague play.

After the regular season is complete, the top teams from each division and a few wild card teams advance to the postseason, which is a series of playoff games that culminates in the World Series.

Structure of the MLB Season

The MLB season is structured so that each team plays the majority of its games against teams within its own division. This is intended to create rivalries and increase the competitiveness of the games. The teams with the best records in each division at the end of the regular season advance to the postseason.

During the postseason, teams play a series of playoff games, including the Wild Card Game, the Division Series, the Championship Series, and the World Series. The Wild Card Game is a one-game playoff between the two wild card teams from each league, with the winner advancing to the Division Series. The Division Series is a best-of-five series between the winners of each division and the wild card team with the best record. The winners of the Division Series then advance to the Championship Series, which is a best-of-seven series. Finally, the winners of the Championship Series from each league meet in the World Series, which is also a best-of-seven series.


In conclusion, the MLB season consists of 162 games played by each team during the regular season, with the top teams advancing to the postseason for a series of playoff games. The season is structured to create rivalries and increase competitiveness, with the majority of games played against teams within the same division. With its long and storied history, the MLB season is a beloved institution in American sports culture.


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