How Much Does Sam’s Club Pay: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you interested in working for Sam’s Club and wondering how much you can expect to be paid? Sam’s Club is a retail warehouse chain that offers a variety of positions, from entry-level to management roles. In this guide, we will discuss the pay scale for various positions at Sam’s Club and what factors may influence your salary.

How much does sam's club pay?
How much does sam’s club pay?

Factors That Influence Pay at Sam’s Club

The amount you can expect to make working at Sam’s Club will depend on several factors, including your job title, location, and experience level. Here are some of the factors that can impact your pay:

  1. Job Title: Sam’s Club offers a wide range of positions, from cashier and sales associate to management roles like department manager and general manager. As you might expect, those in management positions tend to make more than entry-level roles.
  2. Location: The pay scale for Sam’s Club employees can vary depending on the state and city in which you work. For example, employees working in metropolitan areas with a higher cost of living may earn more than those working in rural areas.
  3. Experience Level: Sam’s Club may offer higher pay to individuals who have previous experience in retail or related fields. Additionally, as employees gain experience and move up the ranks, they can expect to earn more.

Entry-Level Positions at Sam’s Club

If you are considering a career at Sam’s Club, here is what you can expect to earn in some of the most common entry-level positions:

  • Cashier: The average pay for a Sam’s Club cashier is around $11 per hour.
  • Sales Associate: A Sam’s Club sales associate can expect to make around $12 per hour.
  • Customer Service Representative: The average hourly pay for a customer service representative at Sam’s Club is $12.
  • Stocker: Sam’s Club stockers can expect to make around $12 per hour.

Management Positions at Sam’s Club

If you are interested in a management position at Sam’s Club, here is what you can expect to earn:

  • Department Manager: A Sam’s Club department manager can expect to make around $50,000 per year.
  • Assistant Manager: The average salary for an assistant manager at Sam’s Club is around $60,000 per year.
  • General Manager: A Sam’s Club general manager can expect to make an average salary of $100,000 per year.


Overall, the pay scale at Sam’s Club is competitive with other retail employers. While entry-level positions may not pay as much, there is room for growth and advancement within the company. If you are considering a career at Sam’s Club, it is important to research the pay scale for the position you are interested in, as well as any factors that may influence your salary.

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