How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Gallery

Losing photos can be a heartbreaking experience, especially if they were important to you. Whether it was accidental deletion or a technical glitch, once photos are gone, it can feel like they’re lost forever. Fortunately, with the right tools and knowledge, you can recover permanently deleted photos from your gallery.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Gallery
How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Gallery

Here are the steps you can follow to recover deleted photos from your phone’s gallery:

  1. Stop using your phone immediately: If you have lost photos from your phone, the first step is to stop using your phone immediately. This is because when you delete a photo, it isn’t actually removed from your phone’s storage. Instead, the space it occupies is marked as free space, and the photo is still there until another file overwrites it.
  2. Check your Google Photos or Cloud Storage: If you have backed up your photos to Google Photos or any other cloud storage service, check to see if the photos you need are still available. If you are lucky, you may be able to retrieve them from the cloud.
  3. Use a Photo Recovery Tool: If you didn’t back up your photos or the backup didn’t work, then you can try using a photo recovery tool to recover your photos. There are several photo recovery tools available for both Android and iOS devices. One of the most popular tools is DiskDigger, which can recover photos from both internal storage and SD cards.

To use DiskDigger, download and install the app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, launch the app and grant it the necessary permissions. Next, select the type of files you want to recover, in this case, photos. The app will scan your phone’s storage and list all the photos that it can recover. Select the photos you want to recover and tap the “Recover” button.

  1. Take your phone to a professional: If you are not tech-savvy, or the recovery process seems too complicated, you can take your phone to a professional data recovery service. These services specialize in recovering lost data from phones and computers and can often retrieve even the most stubborn of deleted files.

In conclusion, recovering permanently deleted photos from your gallery is possible, but it depends on the circumstances of the deletion and the steps taken to retrieve them. As a precaution, it is always a good idea to back up your important photos to cloud storage or an external hard drive to avoid losing them in the first place.

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