What Color Do You Get When You Mix Red and Green?

Red and green make the color brown. When red and green are mixed, they create a color that is darker than both of the original colors, resulting in a more muted and earthy tone. This is because red and green are complementary colors, meaning they are located opposite each other on the color wheel.

red and green make what color?
red and green make what color?

The exact shade of brown that is created by mixing red and green can vary depending on the specific shades of each color that are used, as well as the ratios in which they are mixed. It is also worth noting that there are many different shades of red and green, so the resulting brown may have different undertones or hues.

Overall, understanding how colors mix together is important for artists, designers, and anyone who works with color in their profession or hobbies. By knowing the basics of color theory, you can create more cohesive and visually pleasing color palettes, and make informed choices about which colors to use in your projects.

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